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From muscle soreness, to a stiff back, to aching knees...we all experience physical discomfort from time to time.

As we push through the daily grind, these moments of discomfort may appear occasional, but without proper recovery, can accumulate into hours, days, and even years of affected mobility.

Whether you're an athlete, an avid outdoorsman, or just looking to unwind, Comfort provides a natural solution for relief. 

botanical recovery blend

Designed to aid physical discomfort and promote mobility.*

Comfort - Tera Naturals
Comfort - Tera Naturals
Cbd gummies for stress | Tera naturals | Stress free oil
Comfort - Tera Naturals
Comfort - Tera Naturals
Cbd gummies for stress | Tera naturals | Stress free oil


30 servings - Wild Berry


The more we move, the more we can move, and want to move. But without proper recovery, we experience fatigue, soreness, and an increased risk of injury. Our beneficial formula is loaded with Curcuminoid-rich Turmeric, a dynamic ingredient for supporting an efficient inflammatory response. This bioactive compound works with USA-Grown Broad Spectrum Extract to deliver soothing relief from everyday aches and pains. At the gym or on the job, you cannow bring Comfort anywhere you go.* 

  • Supports calm concentration, creativity, and general memory *
  • Aids in moderating the body's response to stress *
  • 38% more bioavailability than other brands *
  • Premium Extracts made in the USA*
  • Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Cruelty-Free, Vegetarian, No Artificial Sweeteners, Dyes or Flavors
  • 3rd-party tested at an ISO-Certified facility

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